Brocket Summer Residency

I will be working with printmaker Ashleigh Thompson on a collaborative project through the month of August, using the Brocket Gallery's project space in Kennington as an open studio for audiences to visit, and engage with our works and processes. 

Ashleigh's hand-manipulated mono-print series, Fractures, will be converted into sound with software assistance, by treating them as spectrograms and then reverse-engineering them back into audio files. These will form the basis of a palette from which I will construct a soundscape, which can then feed back to Ashleigh to respond further. 

Ultimately the residency will culminate in an installation consisting of Ashleigh's prints and my soundscape, derived from the artworks. The soundscape will be procedurally generated in 5.1 surround, controlled via iOS. 

The final product of our residency will be exhibited at Brocket Gallery on 30th August.