Photo by  Voices Now

Photo by Voices Now

Omar is a British composer of Palestinian and Pakistani descent. He holds an MA(res) in Music from the University of York, specialising in Composition & Spectral Research. His work has been performed around the UK, Italy, USA, Canada, Brazil, Cyprus, South Korea, Japan and in Taiwan, featuring in festivals such as SMC, Voices Now, NYCEMF, Leeds iFIMPaC, soundSCAPE New Music Festival, MUSLAB International Festival of Electroacoustic Music and the Joint WOCMAT-IRCAM Forum Conference.

Born in London in 1993, Omar spent his early years living in Nigeria before returning to the UK aged six. His passion for music began with classic Rock, which he first remembers hearing at age nine on the soundtracks of video games he was playing at the time. His mother's album collection, featuring the likes of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Guns N' Roses, would go on to be his first great musical education. Omar took up the electric guitar at age eleven and played in Rock and Metal bands throughout his teens.

Omar studied composition in London with Sinan Savaşkan before moving to York in 2011, where he completed both his Undergraduate and Master's degrees. While in York, he studied with Thomas Simaku, Roger Marsh, Martin Suckling and Ambrose Field. Omar moved back to London in 2015 where he is currently based.

Omar writes Contemporary music and composes soundtracks, most notably for video games and theatre, though he enjoys working with all media. He is an associate artist of the Minerva Theatre Collective.

Omar is also an active singer and choral director; he co-directs Vox London Collective, arranging, conducting and performing as a bass and beatboxer. He previously co-directed the University of York's Zamar Gospel Choir and sang bass for the award-winning Roundhouse Choir. As a singer, he has performed at events including the BBC Proms, EFG London Jazz Festival and BBC Radio 2 Folk Music Awards.

Aside from composing and performing music, Omar is an avid music technologist and loves to explore the applications of new technology to music creation and consumption. He has built several apps of his own which each give users interactive musical experiences, in different ways. Omar also leads the software development team at Humtap, a company researching the role artificial intelligence can play in Popular Music.