Mini chamber: Terms of use


Mini Chamber is licensed under Apple's standard Licensed Application EULA. The text on this page is intended only to add further clarification to the terms expressed in said EULA, and does not form part of a legally binding agreement between the user and myself any other party.

Under the terms laid out in the EULA, the user may not use any content created using the Mini Chamber application and its services, whether created wholly or in part by said application and services, for commercial purposes of any sort without my explicit consent. If you would like to discuss using content created via the Mini Chamber application for commercial purposes, contact me.

You are free to use content you have created using the Mini Chamber application for personal, non-commercial use, without restriction except as laid out in Apple's Licensed Application EULA. This includes the freedom to share your recordings with others and to make them available for streaming or download, provided all of this activity takes place in a manner that does not in any way constitute commercial use.

For support, see the Mini Chamber application page.

Enjoy! #MakeModernMusic