Mini Chamber


Introducing 'Vox I.i: Mini Chamber' - Make music with your device!

Create complex harmonies and mesmerising soundscapes using your voice, instrument or even the sounds around you.

Mini Chamber interacts with your input in real time, allowing you to record your own ethereal musical creations or perform them live.


- Mini Chamber tracks the frequency of your input using a sophisticated 'triple check' algorithm.

- Pitch-responsive oscillators are triggered when Mini Chamber senses input above a minimum volume threshold, creating a harmonic soundscape unique to your performance.

- Turn off the 'triple check' algorithm for a more wild experience! Especially designed for interacting with ambient input and fast or percussive sounds.

- Adjust the input and FX levels to create expressive fade outs and texture variances.

- Export and share your recordings easily with just a couple of taps.

Mini Chamber adopts the principles of 'Vox I: Echo Chamber', reimagining it in a digital and portable form that can be brought to life anywhere! Mini Chamber also shares traits with work on Pure Data by my friend Desmond Clarke.

Compose and perform Contemporary Music! 

Current version 1.1 - released 16 November 2017 - Click here to download.

For additional support or to share your creations with me, contact me.


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