You Can Run


'You Can Run' deals with the topic of addiction, and the different sections needed to capture the ups, downs and other moods typically associated with the subject. The piece explores the application of timbrally-derived harmonic and structural frameworks in an electroacoustic context. Spectral information from a spoken phrase, namely 'you can run, but you can't hide', was used to generate material for the piece.

The words in this phrase were analysed individually using a patch programmed in Pure Data, and spectral snapshots from the beginning, middle and end of each were taken. These data, along with other perceivable qualities of each word, such as their envelopes, were used to define the course of the music, with one word being used as the material for each section. The phrase as a whole, and its meaning, was used to guide the piece's overall form and generate some rhythmic material.

'You Can Run' was featured in ISSTA Festival & Conference 2016, MUSLAB International Festival of Electroacoustic Music 2016 and the 2016 Joint WOCMAT-IRCAM Forum Conference.