Commissioned by soundSCAPE new music festival, 'Udyana' is a reflection on a trip I made to Swat Valley, Pakistan, while it was still under Taliban Control. The true beauty of the landscape conflicted with the sense of threat; at times one sensation would overpower the other, or else both were simultaneously experienced in a strange paradox. The piece aims to capture and present some of these moods.

The musical material mostly consists broken chord-type figures and glissando-type gestures, which develop fairly freely and organically to serve the dramatic shape. The harmony is derived from spectrally analysing the piano's bottom C, including it's full decay phase, generating a pitch set which evolves and grows smaller throughout the piece.

Premiere on 11 July 2016 in Maccagno, Italy at soundSCAPE festival 2016.

Live audio and video recordings of my piano trio, 'Udyana', at soundSCAPE festival 2016 in Maccagno, Italy.


Flute - Christina Raczka
Cello - Felix Fan
Piano - Thomas Rosenkranz