'Minchia' was devised and premiered as part of In Can Obert's 'Improvisation' 2015 residency. The piece uses a single sound from the analogue synth to derive its structure and harmony, taking information both from easily-perceivable qualities of the sound and from analysis of its evolving spectrum. The piece features a significant amount of improvisation, but a framework is upheld which guides overall structure and specific material at any point.

Audio: Live recording by the participants of the Can Obert 'Improvisation' residency, September 2015, Messina, Sicily.


Flute - Will Ozard
Oboe - Desmond Clarke
Electric Guitar - Andrea Mancianti
Analogue Synthesiser - Adam Bonser
Amplified Voice - Omar Peracha
Cello - Gaia Blandina
Double Bass - Twm Dylan