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Experience interactive listening on iOS with Fractured.

'Fractured' is derived from a multi-sensory installation by myself and artist Ashleigh May Thompson, created during the Brocket Gallery August Residency 2017. 'Fractured' brings my contribution straight to your hands, against a back drop of Thompson's art, as a standalone work of interactive electroacoustic music.

'Fractured' plays infinite, never repeating sound derived from the artworks, procedurally generating it in real time and making its own choices about what to play when. 

I used digital scans of Thompson’s work as a raw material, treated as sonograms that were reverse-engineered into sound using specialised software. These sounds were then subjected to further processing and manipulation until I reached a final set of audio files that I deemed suited Thompson's works, sharing an aesthetic relationship with perceptually common textures and gestures.

Many final audio files were generated by processing just a handful of raw material sounds, leading to multiple occurrences of similar pitch contours, timbral groups, gesture types and rhythmic patterns. The app continuously plays these final audio files, in a way that cycles through them infinitely, creating electroacoustic music with a unique form and developmental trajectory each time.

The listener can interact with it by adding subtle effects and gestures, creating a personal experience and even adding further developmental features.

Current version 1.1.1 - released 12 December 2017 - Click here to download.

Available on iOS 9 and later.

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