Colour Etude II: Live Electronics


The companion app to my piece, 'Colour Etude II'. The app can be used as a component of a performance of 'Colour Etude II', or as an instrument in your own live performances. Audio features include:

- Two polyphonic touch key-rows containing toy piano samples tuned to pitches from the spectra of a toy piano's C4 and F4, and which fall outside of the normal range of the instrument (represented to the nearest quartertone).

- Two toggleable, procedurally-generated, evolving soundscapes based on the spectra of a toy piano's C4 and F4 (only one of these may sound at a time).

Available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (requires iOS 9.3 or later). Optimised for external audio output. Powered by AudioKit.

Current version: 1.2 - released 19 August 2018 - Click here to download.

Contact me for additional support.