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Augment3D is an interactive electroacoustic piece, presented via an iOS application. The listener experiences the piece individually, by running the app on their personal device.

Augment3D uses augmented reality to put the listener in a virtual space, drawing from ideas of site-specific performances and installations. The unique quality of this space is that it is entirely portable and can be projected into any real-world location with AR.

Space is used to convey the formal component of the piece, with different sections of the music corresponding to different physical locations in the listener’s surroundings. The listener moves through the space around them to interact with virtual objects on a proximity basis, or by tapping on their device screen to trigger and shape the sounds made by the software. The temporal component of the piece is therefore essentially in their hands entirely, similar to how performers may have control of this to a great extent in some improvisation-based music.

Different sections are defined musically by harmony, which explores symmetric intervals based on divisions of the microtonal ‘median’ third, and timbre, characterised by tone colour and envelope. To download the app for free and experience Augment3D yourself on iOS, click here.